The Monkey App has a zero-tolerance policy for offensive content and abusive behavior. Bullying, harassment, discrimination, and offensive content are all strictly prohibited on the Monkey Cool app. As part of this policy, the company has specific procedures to moderate reported users and content.


Monkey users are encouraged to block or report users who violate this policy to help the site stay safe. Any content reported will be removed immediately until it is reviewed. Please visit the official website at www. for more information about the community guidelines.

A Guide To Monkey. cool Restrictions 

Underage Users

The age rating of Monkey is 18+. Anyone under the age of 18 cannot use the app. Anyone attempting to register on our platform will be blocked. You can keep Monkey safe by reporting users you believe are underage and selecting “underage” as the reason. Accounts found to be in violation will be terminated.

Sexually Explicit Content

Monkey’s zero-tolerance policy applies to users who promote or distribute pornographic content. Saving, requesting, or threatening to post explicit content is strictly prohibited. Additionally, they want to emphasise their uncompromising enforcement of content involving minors. Any indication of child sexual exploitation is promptly reported to the authorities.



Monkey Cool does not tolerate spam, bot activity, or deceptive practices. They don’t allow images or links in Direct Messages to enforce this policy. They also flag spam and bot-like messages to their system and block them before they reach their users. In the event that you suspect a user or content is spam, please let Monkey know by tapping report and selecting “spam” as the reason for reporting. Accounts found to be violating this policy will be terminated.


Fraudulent Attempts to impersonate others are strictly prohibited. Any attempt to deceive others about your identity, whether it’s lying about your age, misrepresenting your name, or appropriating someone’s photos. You can help keep Monkey safe by selecting “spam” or “underage” as the reason for reporting. Accounts found to be violating this policy will be terminated.