Privacy Policy

Monkey Cool collects information about your activities through its services. Monkey Cool may collect information, including but not limited to how you use its services, such as which filters you view or how many times you apply to discover and create content.


Furthermore, you can download the app on your phone. Users can use the app to anonymously search for information about women and men, which can assist them in building relationships. Online reviews can be useful in making decisions.

A Guide To Privacy Policy

Although Monkey Cool does not offer many advanced features, users still have the opportunity to chat with other users. You should read the terms and conditions carefully before using the website.

Content created or uploaded to the App may include, without limitation, photos, text, messages, posts, HTML, URLs, pictures, video, and other content, as well as any metadata that the user provides.

You should be mindful of your privacy as well as the privacy of others when uploading User Contributed Content. The key functionality of Monkey’s platform is to group users according to compatibility and other considerations. Furthermore, individuals can chat and communicate online using various media, including text, video, pictures, links, and access to third-party social networks, including Snapchat.

Suppose you interact with Monkey Cool, its App, or its Service. You may provide them with three types of information in that case: Personally Identifiable Information, i.e., information that you purposely disclose or that is authorized on your behalf. There may be User Contributed Content, such as information gathered while using the Service, as well as Automatic Information, such as your IP address and browser type.

The information collected from users, such as user-contributed content, automatic information, and personally identifiable information, is collectively referred to as Personal Information. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you provide them is accurate, current, and reflects your identity.